Episode 12 – Archery

Time to go shopping for dinner, old-school style!

I was pretty excited to visit Oliver, BC to try out archery (tuxwa'ts). As a former police officer, I have experience using a gun, but this would be my first time picking up a bow and arrow. Back in the old days, the bow and arrow was an important weapon for warfare and hunting. A warrior has to make sure his family doesn’t go hungry!

While I’m in Osoyoos traditional territory I join the kids at an annual archery camp. Billy gives me some tips at target practise. He is 12 years old but has been nocking arrows (tth'umeen) for many years. We have our own little competition, and I thought I did really well… at least until they counted up our points. I guess I still have some practising to do.

All that shooting made me a little hungry so we decided to go hunting ('um'ush) for a snack. I learned about the interesting and slightly rude (sorry mom) sounding ways you can attract deer. We sighted a few furry animals, but I think they were in no danger from me.

Archery is a pretty challenging sport, and we can be very proud of how our ancestors fought and hunted with the bow and arrow. Just imagine reloading and shooting from a horse. That’s what I call technique!