Episode 8 - Snowboarding

Snowboarding straight into the emergency room.

This show I headed out to Squamish territory in Whistler BC. Hey, if these sme'ent (mountains) are good enough for Olympic athletes, they are good enough for me. After years of impressing the crowds with my skiing finesse, I dared to strap on a snowboard. And Blackcomb, Whistler is the home of the First Nations Snowboarding Team.

Court Larabee helped me get ready for my first run. Right away he tells me to change my ski pants for snowboarding duds. My new outfit made me felt way cooler (not colder.) I especially appreciated the slhulnuc (bum) pad. Before we even get on a chair lift, he shares some key tips, like how to strap my board on.

It didn’t take long till I was ready to hit the slopes. And I got a lot of great advice from other skiers, who were mostly around 5 and 6 years old. I was feeling over-confident in my abilities, and of course, that is when it all went wrong.

We were all finished doing our runs, and I was going to ski down the rest of the hill to the chalet. I was almost at the bottom of the run, when I did a major wipe-out. It wasn’t pretty, and I ended up going to a hospital just to make sure nothing was lukw (broken).

I loved snowboarding, but I had some warrior-worthy bumps and bruises at the end of the day.