Ep 5 - Seabird Island

Ep 5 - Seabird Island

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Host Steve Sxwithul’txw takes on some unusual challenges when he visits Seabird Island in British Columbia. The games that are integrated into the school programs are ones that have been traditionally played for hundreds of years. Knobbies (a kind of bolo game) traditionally could only be played by women. But this time, an exception is made for Steve. All of the kids rally behind him in this daily celebration of aboriginal culture.

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The Community

The Sto:lo Nation is an amalgamation of different bands that were brought together in the common goal of saving their culture, identity, and self-support. The Sto:lo Nation includes more than 10 bands within the Fraser Valley. The purpose of the Sto:lo Nation when it unified was to preserve and develop their traditional cultural values and  unique Sto:lo identity as well as supporting healthy and self-sufficient Stol:lo communities. Today the Sto:lo Nation is dedicated to continuing their traditions, culture and identity.

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