Ep 4 - Metis Games

Ep 4 - Metis Games

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Host Steve Sxwithul’txw takes on many tough challenges when he visits the Metis Voyageur Games in Ontario. This event recreates the difficult travels of the early voyageurs. Steve shows his strength in log lifting and sack carrying events, and his hunting ability is put to the test with hatchet throwing. Scotty Francis is a veteran Metis competitor, and he helps Steve to hone his skills. And the crowd rallies behind Steve in this festive celebration of Metis culture.

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The Métis, as the descendents of children of mixed ancestry, are in the unique position of having an entirely new culture come from the mixing of two old ones. The language of the Métis, Michif, is a mixture of old European and old Aboriginal languages and is still a vital part of Métis culture. Even today the traditions the Métis hold are gateways back to the beginnings of their culture.

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