Ep 1 - Choctaw Stickball

Ep 1 - Choctaw Stickball

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Warrior Games heads to Mississippi to discover the ancient sport of Stickball. Local Native American communities have been settling disputes with this war-like game for centuries. Host Steve Sxwithul’txw gets tips on scoring goals and avoiding injuries. James Denson is a seasoned veteran of the brutal game, and he shares his passion for the sport. We find out how Stickball is used to train young people to become warriors on the field and in life.

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The Community

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians is located in Choctaw County. Culturally the Choctaw have evolved greatly, but have continued to retain many base beliefs and traditions. There is an earthwork mound that the Choctaw Indians have valued for centuries and although the creation beliefs of a hundred years ago may have changed, the respect the Choctaw’s give to Nanih Waiya has not. It is the integration of a long held feeling of significance with the modern world of today’s Choctaw’s that shows the respect for their past.

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