Ep 6 - Hoop Dancing

Ep 6 - Hoop Dancing

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Host Steve Sxwithul’txw tries his hand (and the rest of his body) at Hoop Dancing – a sport (and an incredibly difficult one) that requires dexterity, balance, rhythm, endurance, and multitasking! Champion Gary Abbott and his son show Steve, hoop by hoop, how to build a complex dance routine that not only requires precision but has to tell a story as well. Some hoop dancers can dance with over 24 hoops at a time. The question is, can Steve?

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The Community

The Sto:lo Nation is an amalgamation of different bands that were brought together in the common goal of saving their culture, identity, and self-support. The Sto:lo Nation includes more than 10 bands within the Fraser Valley. The purpose of the Sto:lo Nation when it unified was to preserve and develop their traditional cultural values and  unique Sto:lo identity as well as supporting healthy and self-sufficient Stol:lo communities. Today the Sto:lo Nation is dedicated to continuing their traditions, culture and identity.

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