Ep 10 - Arctic Games pt I

Ep 10 - Arctic Games pt I

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The Inuit have developed to survive in their harsh landscape. Games like the Two Foot High Kick, The Alaskan High Kick, the Kneel Jump, the Airplane, the Knuckle Hop and Sledge Hop. These games are incredibly hard to perform well and they are vital to the health and vitality of the youth who traditionally live above the tree line. Nights are twenty four hours long in winter and travel limited and these games have been developed to maintain strength and agility until it was time to move out onto the land again.

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The Inuit people live in Canada’s arctic and today speak Inuktitut which despite not being in wide use seems to have a future of continued use. The Inuit people have continued many of their cultural traditions including art, music, and sports. The Inuit have also continued the practice of surviving off of the land; some do this at a young age before they are confronted by a more western culture.

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