Ep 3 - Lacrosse

Ep 3 - Lacrosse

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Host Steve Sxwithul’txw discovers the rich history of lacrosse in North Vancouver. This community has been playing Canada’s national sport for hundreds of years. Steve gets his own jersey and protective gear before getting training in a lacrosse box and veteran Sam Seward shares his own dedication to the game. Steve is put through the paces by a little tykes lacrosse team before taking on bigger competition at a local arena.

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The Squamish Nation is a culturally rich people with strong traditions still in practice. Although their language is close to being endangered it still has a strong influence on their culture, especially as it is one of the ties that bind the far flung people together. The Squamish Nation has long valued the tradition of longhouses and even today hold the longhouse as a sacred place. Connections of longhouses and language are what anchor the history and culture of the Squamish Nation of present to that of the past.

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